Public Health FAQs

What shots does my child need and where can I get them?

The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended immunization schedule describes what vaccines children should receive and when (link:  Information about school and child care requirements is also available. (link: ).  If you have questions about the recommendations and requirements, talk to your child’s physician or call 719-655-2533 to talk to the Public Health Nurse about your child’s immunizations.  Public Health offers regular childhood immunizations for children who are covered by Medicaid or do not have insurance that covers vaccination.  Call for more information.

Where can I get a test for tuberculosis?

Saguache County Public Health offers skin tests at both the Saguache and Center locations by appointment. Please call 719-655-2533 for more information and to schedule an appointment with the Public Health Nurse.

A positive skin test means that the germ that causes tuberculosis has caused an infection in your body.  You should follow up with your physician or public health to get another test and a chest x-ray to make sure that you don’t have active tuberculosis disease that is contagious to others. Tuberculosis infection can be treated both before and during active disease.

What should I do if I find a bat acting oddly?

Do not approach or handle the bat and call Public Health immediately at 719-655-2533.  Outside of regular business hours, call the Sheriff's Office (719-655-2525) or the Department of Wildlife.  If you are bitten or come into contact with the bat, see a physician for treatment of the wound and ask your doctor about treatment for rabies.

Can someone from Public Health come to speak to our group?

Staff at Saguache County Public Health participate in health fairs and other community events regularly and welcome the chance to have our programs represented.  If your group has a specific area of interest in health that you’d like more information or a presentation about call Public Health.  If we don’t have the expertise, we can help you locate someone who does.

My elderly parent needs help at home. Who should I call?

The Saguache County Personal Care Providers (PCP) program provides service for elderly and disabled residents who need help with daily living activities.  Call Barbara Martinez at 719-655-2533 for more information about the program and how to determine if you or your family member is eligible for services.