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The Saguache County Landfill is Accepting Bids for.....

The Saguache County Landfill will be taking bids until 12:00 o’clock P.M. on the 29th day of May, at the offices of the Saguache County Road & Bridge/Landfill, located at 305 3rd Street in Saguache, CO. or by mail – PO Box 476 Saguache, CO.  81149.

The proposed work includes:  5366 linear feet – 9 gauge 8 ft. tall chain link fence with fence posts no more than 10 ft. apart – 4 corners with 20 ft. sliding gate. 

Saguache County Landfill reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

Electronic and Computer Waste are NOT Permitted

Electronics that are banned from disposal include:

computers & computer monitors | televisions | printers | fax machines | DVD & VCR players | Peripherals such as keyboards & mice | radios & stereos | video game consoles | laptops, notebooks | Ultrabooks, netbooks & tablets 

Good news! These materials CAN BE RECYCLED!

Larimores Electronics Recycling

560 Pine St.

Del Norte, CO 81132

(719) 480-1802


WSB eRecyclers

21 Craft Dr.

Alamosa, CO 81101



Chaffee County Landfill 

16550 Hwy 285

Salida, CO  81201


$.50/pound: E-Waste includes TVs, monitors, computers/laptops, keyboards, DVD & VCR players/recorders, video monitors, cellphones with monitors, printers, copiers


City of Gunnison Public Works

LIMITED HOURS: Monday afternoons 1:30 to 4pm