UPDATED 01/19/2021

Saguache County Offices are Open.
Masks are required.  Walk-ins are welcome.  Appointments are recommended.
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Saguache County Public Health is currently authorized to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to
high- and moderate-risk health care workers, first responders, and individuals age 70 and above.

Residents age 70 and above, can call Saguache County Public Health at: 719-655-2533
or visit bit.ly/saguache-vaccine-reg to register online.

The Public Health Dept. offers the following services:

• Home and Community Based Services
• Regional and County Disaster Preparedness
• HCP for Children With Special Needs
• Nursing Services - Immunization and Vaccination Fees
• Prevention Services
• Communicable Disease Investigation and Information
• Public Health Educational Programs

Public Health Home

Healthy Communities

What is Healthy Communities?
Healthy Communities combines the best aspects of the EPSDT Outreach and Administrative Case Management program and CHP+ outreach into one model to better meet the needs of our clients. Family Health Coordinators are available statewide to serve clients through Healthy Communities. What Healthy Communities services are available to Colorado Medicaid and CHP+ clients?
–This outreach and case management model takes into account that many of our families do not always understand the distinction between Medicaid and CHP+. In fact, many families have one child that is enrolled in Medicaid while another is enrolled in CHP+.
–Healthy Communities focuses on the "life cycle of a client” which is all of the activities that must happen for the client to obtain coverage and access to health care services in appropriate settings.

Family Health Coordinators perform the following activities:
  • Generate awareness of the existence of the Medicaid and CHP+ programs;
  • Offer information on how to apply for Medicaid and CHP+ and the availability of face-to-face application assistance;
  • Inform families where to submit their application for processing and eligibility determination;
  • Educate families on the value of preventive health care services and how to access their benefits at the appropriate settings;
  • Link clients to Medicaid and CHP+ providers that will serve as the client's Medical Home.
  • Provide clients with information and referrals to other community programs and resources; and
  • Explain the re-enrollment process to families that continue to be eligible for Medicaid and CHP+ to eliminate gaps in coverage.
Who is eligible for Healthy Communities?
•All Colorado citizens who would like to access public programs or those who are already eligible for public programs and are under the age of 21 or pregnant.
How can a client get services?
•To find a Family Health Coordinator in your area, please call Public Health at 719-754-2773.
For more information call:
Jeff Helm: 303-866-2267 or  
Gina Robinson: 303-866-6167 or
Customer Service:
Within Denver Metro area: 303-866-3513
Outside Denver Metro area: 800-221-3943