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Clip's from the Clerk - Election Expenses

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

For the general election, the state will reimburse 90 cents per active voter. Since Saguache had 3,801 active voters on election day, the reimbursement amount will be $3,420.90.

In terms of determining the costs to participating entities, there are a few ways counties go about allocating costs, but the first step is to itemize the costs and determine which entities (if any) are responsible for a share of the costs. Keep in mind that the county is also responsible for a portion of the cost because county races and a question was on the ballot.

Saguache County allocates costs based on the number of voters in each jurisdiction. There’s no one right or wrong way to go about allocating costs.

Following is the cost break down for the 2018 General Election:


Election Staff Overtime                      $   558.45

Election Judges & Canvass Board    $  2,365.00

Spanish Translation                           $     730.00

Voting System Onsite Support           $  6,500.00

Voting System Components Leased  $18,906.00

Ballot Layout & Coding                       $ 3,082.70

Ballot & Envelope Printing                  $ 7,800.17

Ballot Mailing                                      $    902.25

Security Expenses, CBI Checks         $    399.50

Statutory Notices of Election              $    233.00

TABOR Booklet                                  $ 2,236.14

Additional Postage                             $     671.56

Misc. Office Supplies                         $   1,240.82

IT Services                                         $     804.00

GROSS 2018 ELECTION EXPS       $46,429.59

Less Statutory Reimbursement SOS $43,008.69

Less Exps to Participating Districts    $  5,981.68           

NET 2018 ELECTION EXPS            $37,027.01

To summarize, the cost per voter for the 2018 Saguache County General Election was $11.32.

Yes, there is much more to an election than a paper ballot and envelope.

In the midterm election, the state of Colorado came in with the second highest turnout in the nation having over 62% active eligible voters cast ballots.

Saguache County had over a 61% turnout.  Your vote is your voice.  Congratulations!!  Give yourselves a pat on the back for participating in this important process.  You showed the nation that Saguache County VOTES!