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Clip's from the Clerk - Canvass

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

For partisan elections, the canvass board is comprised of an equal number of representatives from each major party and the County Clerk & Recorder.

To assist with canvass, the county clerk must keep a detailed ballot log and a statement of ballots.

A detailed ballot log accounts for every ballot issued and received from the time ballots are ordered and received.  The election officials must reconcile the log at the conclusion of each workday.

The Canvass Board’s duties include:

  • Account and balance the election;
  • Reconcile the number of ballots counted to the number of ballots cast;
  • Reconcile the number of ballots cast to the number of voters who voted by reviewing the reconciled detailed ballot logs and Statement of Ballots; and
  • Certify the official abstract of votes.

Other duties of the canvass board include observing the post-election audit and investigating and reporting discrepancies found in the audit in coordination with the county clerk.

Saguache County’s RLA (Risk Limiting Audit) was done on November 19th.  We passed on the first round.  (5 counties had to go to round two and 1 county had to go to round 4.) 

Our appreciation goes out to the 2018 General Election Canvass Board members, Richard Drake and Lynne Thompson. 

Jane, Desiree, Ben and Dominique, THE-AWE-SOME-FOUR, did an awesome job throughout the entire election process.

Our Canvass was completed on November 26th.  Job well done!