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Clips from the Clerk - Washington DC Visits Saguache

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Washington DC Visits Saguache . . . followed by the Secretary of State’s Office


Jorge Castillo is a Trial Attorney, Voting Section at U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

Jorge, accompanied by an assistant (whose name I can neither pronounce or spell), came to visit the Saguache County Clerk’s Office on October 24th for the purpose of election monitoring.

Effective December 5, 2016,

Saguache County was determined by

the Census Bureau to be a county

subject to the minority language

assistance provisions of the Voting

Rights Act of 1965, as amended.

Saguache County is listed as covered

by Section 203 of the Act, and is

obligated to provide the minority

language for the Hispanic group.  All

Election material, with the exception

of a Tabor Notice, must be provided

in both English and Spanish.  (We

also posted a Spanish version of the

TABOR Notice)

Jorge requested Spanish - and English-language versions (or dual-language versions, if combined) of the following documents:

  • A sample ballot for the November 6, 2018, election;
  • Any other materials mailed to voters, including TABOR notices, ballot instructions, the sending envelope, and the return envelope;
  • Any materials for voters available at the Voter Service & Polling Center (“VSPC”), including provisional ballot envelopes and instructions;
  • A copy of the notice of the notice of election for the November 6, 2018, election;
  • The names of any election judges you will use for early or election day voting that are bilingual, if any, including dates and times those judges will work;
  • Any training materials, manuals, or election day materials for poll workers (e.g., quick reference guide) that discuss bilingual assistance; and
  • Any signs used at the VSPC or ballot drop-off locations that provide information to or instructions for voters.

Jorge was happy to meet with our student election judge from Mountain Valley High School.

Steve Bouey, Campaign Finance Manager for the Secretary of State’s Office, came to the clerk’s office on October 25th to conduct a pre-election county support visit.

Steve was appointed as an official observer for the Colorado Secretary of State, in accordance with Election Rules and C.R.S.

Observers are permitted to inspect and review the procedures of the Clerk and Recorder, county staff, election judges, and other election officials, in the conduct of the 2018 General Election.

How did we measure up?  So far, So good!