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Clips From the Clerk - We Crushed It!

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

We Crushed It!

Our audit and canvass for the 2018 Saguache County Primary Election was held on July 9th.

After all ballots are tabulated, the Secretary of State’s Office defines the audit.  Ballots are then randomly selected.  We had 122 ballots to audit out of the 1397 ballots that were counted.   All contests on each of the 122 ballots had to be audited.

With the Dominion Voting System, audits are no longer done by a hand count, but rather on a computer which is monitored by the state.

Six election judges and one staff member spent approximately 3 hours completing the audit process.  They were required to report all under votes, over votes, blank votes and when to use “no consensus”.   (Compare that to the 20 election judges and two days it took to accomplish audit results in the 2016 General Election!  The new Dominion Voting System makes the difference.)

Shortly after completing the audit we received a personal text from the Secretary of State’s Office, “This is Dwight.  You crushed it – zero discrepancies!”

We passed round one on the first go.  We were done!  Sometimes counties are required to go to round two and audit additional ballots.

Prior to the audit, we also received a phone call from the Secretary of State’s Office asking if we thought they needed to make a visit to our county before Election Day.  Our reply was, “no”.  They replied, “We’re just checking.  We took you off our “dumpster list”.  We’re needed in other counties”.

Once again, I applaud our election judges and staff for their incredible teamwork!

July 18th is the last day for counties to complete the canvass and submit the official abstract of votes cast for the Primary Election to the Secretary of State.  July 19th is the deadline for counties to upload the final canvass results to the ENR (Election Night Reporting) system.  Official results will then be posted.

If you have any questions about the audit process please contact our office.  Jane, Desiree, Ben, Dominique and I are here to help.