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Clip's from the Clerk - Digitizing

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

US Imaging is scheduled to begin the digitizing process of our old books on July 13th.  County records are irreplaceable and extremely valuable; therefore, they will scan all media on-site. 

This is a 3 stage, 6 phase project.  This first stage of Phase 1 will take approximately 3 days (Friday thru Sunday).

US Imaging will provide Saguache County with an unparalleled combination of county expertise, proven processes and state of the art technology to provide the highest quality images and indexes possible.  US Imaging understands the scope of work required, the critical success factors, and the County’s goals.  They have become America’s premier County Conversion Service.

They have been in the imaging business for 42 years and have successfully served over 667 Counties nationwide.  They are the only scanning vendor in America that exclusively serves Counties.



  • State of the Art Scanners – US Imaging is a beta test site for multiple scanner manufacturers and receive new technology several months before competitors. They are constantly upgrading and currently operate the very latest scanners for Bound books, Rollfilm, Cards, Aperture Cards and Drawings.
  • ImageXpress – A software utility that allows Counties to easily access images by book-page #, document #, quickly scroll through an entire book, roll, jacket or aperture card, view both TIFF & JPEG images, adjust JPEG grayscale contrast, crop, deskew, redact, mask, print, save or e-mail images as needed.



  • 100% of the images are inspected for legibility, grouped together as documents and indexed by 2 separate operators and compared electronically, any mismatches are inspected by a third operator and corrected for 100% accuracy.
  • Poor quality reporting – 100% of the images are inspected two times as 12” x 16” images on 20” portrait monitors for legibility. We will provide a detailed report of Book-Page # or Document-Page # and the reason that it has been reported as poor quality: too light, too dark, blurry, A Page, retake, missing, etc.
  • Image review – A software utility that sorts and filters the images on the poor-quality image report and displays the poor-quality images. The County can easily uncheck images that are acceptable quality.



US Imaging can adjust the poor contrast of an entire roll, splice, book, jacket, aperture card, document, page or any specific area on a page to provide the most legible images possible.

Approximately $168,000 of the grant money will be used to fund our digitizing project.