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Clip's from the Clerk - County can now Issue Exempt Military Plates

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

County Issued Exempt Military Plates

As of February 1, 2018, we have been able to process what many refer to as “free” plates.  This is really a wonderful new service for our citizens.

Many Military-themed Plates offer a qualified individual a Fee-Exempt Registration for their first set of these plates, referred to as Exempt Military Plates.  Previously, these Exempt Military License Plates were issued only by the State.  Saguache County can now issue these plates.  The plates below no longer require an authorization from Title & Registration Section.  Each Plate Type is eligible for Persons with Disabilities plate versions.

  • Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Disabled Veteran
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Distinguished Service Flying Cross
  • Former Prisoner of War
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Medal of Honor
  • Navy Cross
  • Purple Heart
  • World War II Veteran

Requirements for an Exempt Military License Plate include:

  • Ownership documents or Title
  • Proof of current valid insurance
  • The First Plate per Applicant is waived all Ownership Taxes/License Fees
  • Submit a completed DR2002 Military License Plate Application
  • Second and subsequent issuance of Military Plates in which a new plate is issued will be assessed a one-time additional Special Plate Fee of $50.00, in addition to all License Fees and Ownership Tax

The Exempt  Military Plates must still meet the qualification requirements per C.R.S. 42-3-213(1)(b)(I)(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(I)

  • Exempt Military Plates cannot be Personalized
  • Exempt Military Plates can be issued to Passenger, Motorcycles, Farm Trucks, Motor Home and Light Trucks and Recreational Vehicles (that do not exceed 16,000 lbs. empty weight).
  • Disabled Veteran and Disabled Veteran Handicap Plates require an eligibility letter stating that the veteran meets one of the following:
    • Permanent service connected disability rated at 50% or more, or
    • Loss or permanent loss of use of one or both feet, or
    • Loss or permanent loss of one or both hands, or
    • Loss of sight in both eyes
    • Verification of the Qualification need to be in writing from the Veterans Administration, or the Branch of Service (on Official Military Stationary) from which the veteran’s compensation is received
    • Disabled Veteran Handicap applicant must submit a DR2219 Parking Privileges Application
    • Honorable Discharge from a branch of the Armed Services of the United States can be proved with a copy of the DD214 or other discharge documents issued by the Armed Services of the United States