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Clip's from the Clerk - Happy Administrative Professional's Day!

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!

Wednesday, April 25th is Administrative Professional’s Day.  This day is observed yearly.  The day recognizes the work of administrative support professionals.

Spare a thought to all the paperwork that would never get done, the phone calls that would never get taken and the jokes that would never have been invented.

I would like to give a special shout out to our dynamic team.

Know the Name – Know the Person was written by Sharon Lynn Wyeth.  She defines characteristics that match names.

Following are the “characters” that make up our team:

Jane:  Desires honesty, truth, justice, wisdom and who is self-reliant and detail oriented.  When she works, she works hard and tends to be a workaholic.

She has an easy time multitasking.

She is dependable and reliable in our organization.

Jane sees what others have forgotten to do and follows through for them because she is detail oriented and wants the group to look good.

Jane will self-sacrifice for the good of the whole.

Jane really enjoys chocolate.

Desiree:  Wants to look physically pleasing and wants everyone else to look good as well.

She has the ability of having a critical eye.  This gets expanded when people with this name decide to be helpful by letting the rest of the world know when they are failing in the decorating and beauty department.

People with this name learn from their feelings and are generally able to express a wide range of emotion.

Ben:  This person believes in beauty and has a sharp eye for what is attractive.

He is groomed appropriately for the occasion.

Due to their critical eye, this person will be the first to notice a crooked picture hanging on the wall and take action to correct the situation, often without saying a word.

This person is sensitive in the area of feelings.

Newest member of our team, Dominique:  People with this name need to be the boss, whether it is in charge of a family, in control of a classroom, the head of a project or preferably the CEO of the entire company.

These people work best independently.  They will get the job done well.

They want to be asked, not told what to do.  They do not like to be asked twice.

They comply with most requests.

Just as a note:  It has been my experience in working with this team that they ALL seem to really enjoy chocolate!

To our citizens I say, “The Saguache County Clerk & Recorder’s Office is in good hands!”

To our team I say, “No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.  Thank you for your hard work, tireless effort and every day enthusiasm.  Your work is key to our success.  I appreciate you today and every day!”

Clip's from the Clerk - U Choose Campaign

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
U Choose Campaign

The U Choose campaign is based on the idea that Unaffiliated Voters now have a chance to make their voice heard early in the election process by voting for candidates that represent their values.

The campaign features words that represent issues unaffiliated voters care about like education, the environment, healthcare and jobs/the economy.

Unaffiliated voters can now have their say in the upcoming Colorado primaries.  Choose candidates you believe share and represent your values. 

Unaffiliated Voters:  Choice happens with U.  Find out how you can select and receive your ballot.

For more information go to the website:  UChoose.co.gov. 

You can also stop by our office or give us a call.  Jane, Desiree, Ben, Dominique and I are here to help.

As of April 12, 2018, Active & Inactive Voter Counts for Saguache County:

·        Republicans – 936

·        Democratic – 1821

·        Unaffiliated - 1483

Clip's from the Clerk - Primary Election Refresher

By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Primary Election Refresher

Where do people vote?  Colorado is a vote by mail state.  This means that voters receive their ballots in the mail.  Voters no longer need to go to a physical location to vote.

People can also vote at Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs).  These are locations set up in the days leading up to Election Day and on Election Day for voting. 

Saguache County has only one VSPC, located on the main floor of the Courthouse at 501 4th St., in Saguache.  The VSPC will be open Monday – Friday June 18th -25th, from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Primary Election is held on the last Tuesday in June in each even-numbered year.  Candidates for federal, statewide, and county offices seek party nominations to the general election ballot.

 When is the election?  

The Primary Election will be held on June 26, 2018.  Polls will be open from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

There has been some confusion for voters regarding the Secrecy Sleeve that is required to accompany the ballot.  Saguache County outsources ballot mailing to an approved vendor. 

There are four parts to a ballot that gets mailed:

  1. The outside envelope is what the voter gets in the mail.
  2. The return envelope is what the voter puts their ballot in and returns to the Clerk & Recorder’s Office via mail, in-person or by depositing it in the outside drop box.
  3. The Secrecy Sleeve with Voter Instructions. This is an 8 ½ X 11 inch paper that is folded in half.  This is used as the Secrecy Sleeve to place over your voted ballot before it is placed into the return envelope.
  4. The ballot itself.

In an effort to save taxpayer dollars, we chose to do away with the traditional white, open envelope (Secrecy Sleeve) that you are used to.  Saguache County is required to use dual language for all election material so we made the decision to use the sheet of paper with the instructions for the Secrecy Sleeve itself.  One side is in English and the other side is in Spanish.

Remember, May 29, 2018 is the last day for voters who are affiliated with a political party to change or withdraw their affiliation if they wish to vote in a different party’s primary election.

If you have any questions please stop by our office or give us a call at 719-655-2512.  Jane, Desiree, Ben and I are ready to help.

Clips from the Clerk: Increase Primary Election Knowledge

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Increase Primary Election Knowledge
*Voters Affiliated with a Party That is not holding a Primary:
  • Voters who are affiliated with a major party (Republican or Democratic) will get the ballot for that party.
  • Voters who are affiliated with a minor party will get that party ballot if the minor party is holding a Primary.
  • A voter affiliated with a political party that is not participating in the Primary Election will not receive a mail ballot.
*Unaffiliated Voters May Choose a Party Preference:
  • Unaffiliated voters may choose a party preference. This means they can choose which party ballot they want.
  • An unaffiliated voter could preference for a Republican ballot, or an unaffiliated voter could preference for a Democratic ballot.
  • If a minor party is participating, an unaffiliated could preference a minor party if the minor party is allowing unaffiliated voters to participate.
  • Remember that a voter must choose a preference by May 29th.
  • The voter can indicate a preference by filling out a voter registration form.
*Unaffiliated Voters Who Don’t Choose a Party Preference:
  • Some unaffiliated voters will not affiliate and they won’t select a party preference.
  • In this case, an unaffiliated voter will get a “Ballot Packet.”
  • The ballot packet contains all applicable ballot styles, including the Republican or Democratic ballots. It could also include a non-partisan ballot if there are issues and/or questions on the ballot.  (Ballot Measures).
  • The voter must choose one party’s ballot to vote.
  • The voter should only return the party’s ballot that he/she voted.
*Voter Anonymity
Frequently Asked Question: “I am an unaffiliated voter and I received my ballot packet.  Will someone be able to find out how I voted?”
  • Which party ballot a voter voted is public information.
  • HOW a person voted is still private.
  • To maintain privacy for the unaffiliated voter, first, an election judge must remove the ballot, enclosed in its secrecy sleeve, from the mail ballot return envelope and pass it to a bipartisan team of judges without allowing the team of judges to determine the identity of the voter.
  • The bipartisan team of election judges must remove the ballot from its secrecy sleeve, review the ballot, and audibly report to the first election judge which political party’s election the voter voted in.
  • The first election judge must record in SCORE which political party’s election the voter voted in or document the proper party information for later recording in SCORE.
  • This process requires separate judges to make sure the voter’s privacy is maintained.
Unaffiliated voters are allowed to vote in the Primary Election for the first time EVER.  Just remember -  Jane, Desiree, Ben and I are here to help.

Voter Participation Center Mailing

From March 21-24, households across Colorado will be receiving voter registration mailings from the non-profit group Voter Participation Center (VPC).

These mailings will include voter registration forms and directions on how to fill out and return the form to their county clerk and recorder.  Currently, VPC intends to mail out about 120,000 letters to households across the state.  36 will be mailed to Saguache County.

If you receive one of these mailings and have questions, please call VPC’s help line directly at 1-877-255-6750.

By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

Clips From The Clerk: Brand Book

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Did You Know . . .
by Statute . . .
Complete brand records shall be kept on file for inspection by the public at the office of each county clerk and recorder?
Upon the first of every month or as soon thereafter as possible, the state board of stock inspection commissioners shall cause to be exhibited in the office of the county clerk and recorder in all counties in the state and post, when permissible, in Colorado licensed livestock markets a list showing all the brands and transfers recorded for the previous calendar month.  Said list shall show a facsimile of the brand, the name of the owner, and the owner’s post-office address, county, and state.  The list shall remain posted until the following month when the new list is posted.
Brand inspection is mandatory on cattle, horses, mules and donkeys.
This has been part of Colorado’s history in one form or another since 1865.
The Colorado Brand Book is a periodic record of livestock brands registered with the Colorado state livestock agency.
Colorado Brand Book goes back at least as far as the early 1900’s.  No copyright renewals have been found for this publication.  It is currently issued at 5-year intervals, immediately following the assessment of brands.
In 1938 the Colorado Brand Book cost $2.  In 2018 the price of the Colorado Brand Book (2017 Edition) is $30.  The 2017 brand book includes all brands recorded and paid as of November 30, 2017.
The expected delivery of the 2017 Colorado Brand Book is sometime this month. 
Anyone interested in researching brands or looking for information on lost or stolen livestock that has been posted, is welcome to visit our office.


Clip's from the Clerk - Unaffiliated Voters

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder


Let’s Make Sure Your Vote Counts.

Recent changes in Colorado law now allow unaffiliated voters to vote in a primary election.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You receive two ballots in your packet, one Democratic ballot and one Republican ballot.
  2. Choose ONLY ONE of these ballots and fill it out. Discard the ballot you won’t use.
  3. Return your ONE voted ballot in the return envelope.

Important things to remember:

  • Sending in two voted ballots will disqualify all of your votes.
  • Your vote in this election will not affiliate you with a political party.

The 2018 Saguache County Primary Election is June 26, 2018.

If you have any questions - Jane, Desiree, Ben and I are here to help.

Clip's from the Clerk - Election Judges

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

Election Judges

Election judges are registered electors appointed by the county clerk to perform the election duties assigned by the clerk.  Judges are appointed to serve two-year terms and ensure that elections are administered fairly according to federal and state law.

To be an election judge, an individual must:

  • Be a registered elector in the political subdivision (except for student election judges).
  • Be physically and mentally able to perform the assigned tasks.
  • Attend a training provided by the county clerk.
  • Not have been convicted of fraud or other election offense.
  • Not be a candidate or be related by blood, marriage, or civil union to the second degree to a candidate whose name appears on the ballot.

Election judges must have a background check and affirm to an oath.

The county clerk may assign an election judge based upon appropriate skill level and interest.

There must be at least three judges at each VSPC (Voter Service and Polling Center), one of whom may be a student judge.  As long as two judges of differing affiliations are present, voting may continue.  If, however, there are only two judges of the same affiliation or only one judge, voting may not proceed.

A county with fewer than 5,001 active electors by the 90th day before Election Day may use regular county staff that is sworn in as election judges to conduct signature verification.  This is a practice we use in Saguache County.

I would like to applaud our election judges who stuck with us in the 2017 Coordinated Election.  Our appreciation goes out to:

  • Lisa Jaminet
  • Karen Cowan
  • Kevin Noland
  • Barbara Tidd
  • Chuck Tidd
  • Kathy Geddes
  • Marilyn Fenton
  • Matie Belle Lakish
  • Richard Drake
  • Desiree Gerade
  • Jane Whitten

Although we experienced a big learning curve with the new Dominion Voting System, I think it was mutually agreed, their jobs as election judges just got easier.

Election judges are the backbone of the voting process.  They help to ensure transparency and elevate voter trust.  Saying “thanks” doesn’t seem enough for their dedication to protect the integrity of elections.

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)

Colorado Open Records Act (CORA)

What is CORA?

“CORA” stands for “Colorado Open Records Act”.  In the spirit of open government, the Colorado Open Records Act requires that most public records be available to the public.  Anyone can request information that is in the possession of a government office.  24- 72 (C.R.S.)

Where do I submit my records request?

You must submit your request to the custodian of the record - the government office that actually holds the record itself.  There is no central repository for public records or single office that fulfills public records requests in Colorado.  If you don’t know how to contact a person from the appropriate office, call the government entity and ask how to submit your request.

To request records in possession of the Saguache County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, send a written request by mail, fax, or email to:

Saguache County Clerk and Recorder

PO Box 176      501 4th St

Saguache CO 81149

Fax:  719-655-2730

Do all open records requests go through the Saguache County Clerk’s Office?

No.  An open records request needs to be filed directly with the appropriate government office or the custodian of the records that you want to see.  Other agencies may have different processes for open records requests, so contact the office ahead of time to review its process.

Do I have to submit a CORA request with the Saguache County Clerk’s Office to get information?

No.  It is the intent of our office to provide records to the public without requiring a CORA request.

Before making a CORA request, contact our office to request information from our staff.  Many documents are already available to the public.  We would be more than happy to help you access these filings without asking you to make a CORA request.

Clip's from the Clerk - Inspire Colorado

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

Inspire Colorado

An organization named Inspire Colorado has joined our efforts for nonpartisan voter registration through our schools.  Inspire Colorado Program Coordinators train and support juniors and seniors in high schools to conduct nonpartisan peer-to-peer voter registration drives in their schools with the goal of registering to vote 85% of eligible seniors.  Their goal is to amplify the youth voice by increasing voter turnout among young adults through nonpartisan voter registration, education and student engagement with elected officials.

Inspire Colorado provides civic experience for high school juniors and seniors; transforming young leaders’ inspiration into action that improves our communities and strengthens our democracy.

Inspire Colorado Experience:

  • Lead official voter registration efforts in high schools.
  • Engage peers in Get Out The Vote (GOTV).
  • Meet with lawmakers and community organizations tackling some of Colorado’s most pressing problems.
  • Plan with peers to earn the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award.


-Inspire Colorado is a nonpartisan program of Inspire U.S., a 501(c)(3) organization.

-Works with more than 30 Colorado High Schools.

-Approved by NASSP.

-Supports peer-to-peer voter registration and mobilization efforts in high schools.

-Trained more than 80 juniors and seniors as Inspired Leaders.

-Registered and pledge to vote 4,200 young people in 2 years.

-Organized candidate and elected official forums, a U.S. Senator debate as well as school visits by state representatives, senators and the Colorado Secretary of State.

Nominate a student for the program at www.inspire-usa.org/nominate.  Interested students can apply directly at www.inspire-usa.org/2017_application.


Have you ever heard someone say, “That cost me two bucks!”?  How did dollars ever get the nickname “bucks”?

A male deer is called a buck.  Many pioneers hunted bucks.  They ate the deer meat and kept the deerskins.  Some deerskins were used to make clothes.  The rest of the deerskins were sold.  The hunters were given a dollar for each skin of a buck.  Many times the hunters had to trade their deerskins for a dollar’s or a buck’s worth of supplies.

Thus, pioneers started calling a dollar a “buck”.

So . . . the moral of the story - get INSPIRED now.  It won’t even cost you a “buck”!

Clip's from the Clerk - County can now Issue Exempt Military Plates

Clip’s from the Clerk
By Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder

County Issued Exempt Military Plates

As of February 1, 2018, we have been able to process what many refer to as “free” plates.  This is really a wonderful new service for our citizens.

Many Military-themed Plates offer a qualified individual a Fee-Exempt Registration for their first set of these plates, referred to as Exempt Military Plates.  Previously, these Exempt Military License Plates were issued only by the State.  Saguache County can now issue these plates.  The plates below no longer require an authorization from Title & Registration Section.  Each Plate Type is eligible for Persons with Disabilities plate versions.

  • Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Disabled Veteran
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Distinguished Service Flying Cross
  • Former Prisoner of War
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Medal of Honor
  • Navy Cross
  • Purple Heart
  • World War II Veteran

Requirements for an Exempt Military License Plate include:

  • Ownership documents or Title
  • Proof of current valid insurance
  • The First Plate per Applicant is waived all Ownership Taxes/License Fees
  • Submit a completed DR2002 Military License Plate Application
  • Second and subsequent issuance of Military Plates in which a new plate is issued will be assessed a one-time additional Special Plate Fee of $50.00, in addition to all License Fees and Ownership Tax

The Exempt  Military Plates must still meet the qualification requirements per C.R.S. 42-3-213(1)(b)(I)(A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(I)

  • Exempt Military Plates cannot be Personalized
  • Exempt Military Plates can be issued to Passenger, Motorcycles, Farm Trucks, Motor Home and Light Trucks and Recreational Vehicles (that do not exceed 16,000 lbs. empty weight).
  • Disabled Veteran and Disabled Veteran Handicap Plates require an eligibility letter stating that the veteran meets one of the following:
    • Permanent service connected disability rated at 50% or more, or
    • Loss or permanent loss of use of one or both feet, or
    • Loss or permanent loss of one or both hands, or
    • Loss of sight in both eyes
    • Verification of the Qualification need to be in writing from the Veterans Administration, or the Branch of Service (on Official Military Stationary) from which the veteran’s compensation is received
    • Disabled Veteran Handicap applicant must submit a DR2219 Parking Privileges Application
    • Honorable Discharge from a branch of the Armed Services of the United States can be proved with a copy of the DD214 or other discharge documents issued by the Armed Services of the United States

Clips From the Clerk 1/26/2018

CLIPS from the CLERK
BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Saguache County VOTES!
According to the Webster dictionary, a vote is a decision by one or more persons on a proposal, resolution, bill, etc., or a choice between candidates for office, expressed by written ballot, voice, show of hands, etc.
Voting is a PRIVILEGE.  Voting is your LEGAL RIGHT.  Voting is your RESPONSIBILITY.
In an effort to offer every eligible citizen of Saguache County the ability to vote, an invitation was sent to each school in our county inviting them to participate in the voter registration award program offered by the Secretary of State’s Office.
Background information for the voter registration award:
Eliza Pickrell Routt, with her husband, John Routt, settled in Colorado on the brink of its statehood in 1875.  John Routt would be elected the first Governor, making Eliza Pickrell Routt the first, First Lady of Colorado.  In this role, she dedicated herself to building a structured community with equal rights for women.  She joined the Non-Partisan Suffrage Association of Colorado and served as president of the City League of Denver branch.  In honor of her commitment to getting suffrage passed, Routt was the first woman registered to vote in Colorado.
In honor of Eliza Pickrell Routt’s dedication to voting equality, the Secretary of State’s office has created the Eliza Pickrell Routt Award.  This award is given to high schools that have 85% of eligible seniors registered to vote.
Voter Registration
Eligibility Requirements:
            *At least 16 years old, though they cannot vote until they are 18
            *Citizen of the United States
            *Resident of Colorado for 22 days before the election
There are several ways a person can register to vote.
  • In person at the county clerk’s office
  • By mail (including fax and email)
  • At a Driver’s License Office
  • At a voter registration agency (Human Services office, WIC office, disability office, etc.)
  • In person at a Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) up through election day
  • Through a Voter Registration Drive (VRD)
  • At a high school
  • Online at GoVoteColorado.com to register to vote and/or update your voter registration
  • Other offices such as Post Offices, municipal clerk’s offices, libraries, etc.
Jane, Desiree, Ben and I are here to help should you have any problems.  Please call 719-655-2512 or stop by between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday, except Holidays.
This year we will have both a Primary Election and a General Election.  We urge everyone to please exercise your right to vote.  Help make Saguache County the place of choice to live, work, play and grow in the Southern Region of Colorado.

Clips From The Clerk 1/23/2018

BY Trish Gilbert
Saguache County Clerk & Recorder
Online Motor Vehicle Renewal Instructions
Our new service for online motor vehicle renewals went live on January 21, 2018.  Here are some helpful tips.  To begin with you will need:
  • Your license plate number. Once you enter your plate number, you will have an opportunity to view non-eligible license plates.
  • Credit Card or checking account.
  • A valid email address.
  • Current insurance.
Please make sure that you go to the official site: www.colorado.gov\renewplates.    Beware that there are “scalper” sites that charge an additional fee to use their web site.  Keep in mind that should you accidentally use one of those sites; neither the state nor county can refund your money.
Basically, the transaction needs to be a “perfect” renewal.  You can’t change your address and your insurance must be current in the system. 
The great news is, this is a 24/7 service!

eRecording is Available!

The main focus of recording is the maintenance and integrity of the Saguache County Public Land Records which date back to the 1800’s.  Our duties include recording and imaging documents for permanent public record; providing a grantor/grantee index for search and retrieval of recorded documents and providing copies of those documents to the public upon request.
Documents typically recorded in our office include but are not limited to:
  • Deeds (warranty, quit claim, beneficiary, personal representative, etc.)
  • Deeds of Trust and Mortgages
  • Plats and Land Surveys
  • Easements and Covenants
  • Liens and Transcripts of Judgment
  • Marriage and Civil Union Licenses
  • Military Discharge Records
The Saguache County Clerk & Recorder’s Office offers eRecording services.  Electronically submitting documents for recording increases speed and security and decreases costs, when compared to traditional mail submissions. 
Online document recording is encouraged for anyone who records multiple documents frequently.  If you are interested in this service please contact one of the vendors below.
  • CSC eRecording Solutions   866-652-0111
  • SIMPLIFILE                         800-460-5657
  • Indecomm Global Services 651-415-9361

Saguache County Clerk & Recorder's Office will be Closed on....

The Saguache County Clerk & Recorder's Office for Motor Vehicle and Recording departments only, will be CLOSED for the Primary Election on June  26, 2018 and also for the General Election on November 6, 2018. The Voter Service & Polling Center (VSPC)will be open from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.  Sorry for any inconvenience.